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Magnetic Bookmarks | Cute Pattern 1-Pack

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These doodle patterned magnetic bookmarks are perfect for saving a page in your favorite book or journal. They would work well for planners too!

Available in big and mini print!

These mini page keepers come in a value 3-pack in another listing to save money. If you do decide to buy singles, they will also come with a backing card!

The magnets are thin (bookmark is approx. 1mm thick) so won't create a big bulge in your book but they are still thick enough to hold snug to the page (without damaging it at all).

- Magnetic
- Sturdy yet delicate on the page
- Laminated Cardstock
- Quote: "Good things are coming" with a happy face
- Folded size: Length - 2.6" inches x width - 0.67" inches

Customer Reviews

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Nan Cumberland
Best bookmarks

These are lifesavers! I wish I had them when I was in school. I tend to lose traditional bookmarks and paper clips but these stay in place but don’t damage the papers. And they’re reusable again and again! The happyish brand packaging is so fun too! The perfect gift for the student or reader in your life.