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Crochet Flower - Desk Coasters, Car Coasters, and Face Scrubbies

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These crochet flowers come in three different sizes, below I will tell you what each size works well for, however if you have another idea in mind for them, that's great!

Large crochet coasters are the perfect balance between functionality and ~aesthetics~. When not in use, can be placed under a plant or under knick knacks as a piece of decor. When needed, it is useful as a coaster for soaking up condensation or spills from drinks.

 These are a great size to use as a coaster at the bottom of your car's cup holders! They will soak up liquids and catch crumbs so that cleaning your cup holders is a breeze. Check your cup holder's width and size down to small if need-be.

 The small size is perfect to use as a face scrubbie! This is an eco friendly alternative to single-use cotton pads. Or can be used with face wash to gently exfoliate.

*Use the small version as a car coaster if the bottom of your cup holders are smaller than 3 inches across.


- Handmade by me (Kait)
- Made of different types of cotton and acrylic yarns depending on color chosen
Dimensions (Inches): 

  • Large flower: 4 inches 
  • Medium flower: 3.5 inches
  • Small flower: 2.5 inches

       *may vary slightly as these are handmade

- Care: Can be hand washed or thrown in with the laundry. Lay flat and air dry. Do not bleach and do not put in dryer.

If for some reason an end string comes loose, weave it back into the crochet, trim flush (without pulling on it more), or message me for assistance!

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